Saturday, February 27, 2016

Week 8 | February 21- February 27

Parker grabbed my phone and said "Look mom! I already took my Sunday picture!! ". Good try buddy. While little brother napped, Parker watched a show while we watched a show. I love how he holds his own face like this. It's so sweet.
february2016shalley_0160Almost let the day get away from me and then remembered - 

When your big boy talks and then cries for just a second in his sleep, you go curl up next to him and wonder how on earth his legs reach all the way down to your mama shins. I whispered a few prayers and slipped away. 

Morning, brother. All this before coffee. I do love when they show their love for one another though. 
We walked into Target and I was flooded with dejavu. I did this exact same thing with Parker at this age. february2016shalley_0164
Cookie was at a Rattler playoff game just down the road from our house so of course we had to surprise her and say hi. 
Simply because I never get my photo taken with my boys. 
"I'm jumping Mom."
Big boy snuggles and squeezes are so rare that I feel the need to document them. 
Today was our last parent/child Wednesday class. One more and mommy graduates out of the water. I thought I'd really dread these lessons but they've been something I was able to do with Pierce that I never did with Parker. It's been fun to experience together. And I'll miss it just a little.
All I wanted was a quiet moment. A kid free, no noise workout. Workout date crashed! I even asked him to just.stop.talking. for a little bit.

"Brrrrr, it's told" little brother said. So they snuggled at the bar. 


Sometimes we do look a little alike. Preschool Mommy date night. Dinner first. It's been way too long since I had a one on one with this kid.


He chose Willie's -- Dr Pepper, queso and games. Sometimes this kid gets to choose his own dinner. I was jealous. Had a couple of bites but sat with Shakeology in hand.


I'll never love anyone the way I love my biggest boy.

I always love hearing what my children have to say about me. It's a humbling truth check. Parker was a little silly with this (he knows my exact age) but what strikes me most is how well he really KNOWS me and my heart. He pays attention and takes interest and asks 1 jillion questions. But he knows me. And the fact that I love strawberry Shakeology. Bedtime is our talk time. I love him because I put him to bed too. 

Rock a bye baby-ing and singing chapel songs is something they CAN do together. 
And it's over. Too tight. 
We are doing a great job at sitting on the potty. He's highly motivated by gummy bears. 
We sometimes need a few extra moments of quiet on a Saturday morning. 
When his brother isn't around, Pierce loves to play with things that Parker doesn't love to share. 

One of my favorite spots in this house -- and this boy is throwing a fit because he dropped a toy in the toilet after his brother pooped and was asked to leave the bathroom. 

And another fit over the fact that Cookie hung up from FaceTime. 
Date night with friends to cheer on the Rockets! 


Saturday, February 20, 2016

Week 7 | February 14 - February 20

We woke with no kiddos in our home on Valentine's Day. How weird! It was quiet and calm and no one needed to know where their presents were. Daniel and I set off for Navasota and saw that the boys were loving the weather. They hadn't been off their four wheelers much and Pierce had even upgraded to driving his brother's!
The boys cleaned up and we tried to get our weekly photo before heading out to eat for Poppy's 85th birthday.
This little lean onto his brother was my fave. They just weren't having it and were ready to go eat.
We were so glad to be able to all sit around the same table, share many pieces of conversation and eat a meal together to celebrate our father, grandfather and great grandfather. I'm proud to still have grandparents and love seeing multiple generations together. Sad fact - we didn't get the crawfish we'd hoped for.
Happy 85th Poppy! We love you so much.
Home again.

My loves. I didn't get a single thing for Valentine's Day. Neither did Daniel. No card, candy, flowers...and that's ok. Because I'd rather us show love and kindness and appreciation to one another every day and give/receive randomly instead. Celebrating with my little people tomorrow since they didn't wake up at home this morning. Love my boys so so much!

The only photo I have from today is of the VERY LAST time I nursed my Pierce. Separate blog post on that. february2016shalley_0145
My house is filled with screams. These boys love big but also fight big and have big, loud frustrations. Pierce does not understand how to TALK through whatever goes on. Goodness, the noise is something. 
24% humidity and a high of 75. We can leave the back door open and picnic on the porch. This weather can totally stay forever. 
My wild child.
I thought it'd be smart to walk/bike ride/stroll to a nearby park. Ooops, there's no sidewalk yet.  Big fail on my part but Parker pedaled like a champ. He's really an amazing rider! 
Little notes of praise and some preschool art always makes me happy and proud. 
One loves to snuggle. The other does not. Guess who? 

Yesterday, this was my first born. We are just weeks away from TWO and daily Daddy Daniel and I shake our haeads wondering where our baby went.

Bike ride on the section that just opened up behind us. This crew is ready to ride !
"I snuggle Daddy" he says. 
Lots of silly in my bed this morning. Quick love and snuggles before we were up for the day. I so love when we're all home and piled in my bed in the morning. 
Pierce is ready for tball practice. 
Our very first meet up. We're's been a loooooong time since we played ball. 
I slipped away for a night out with mama friends to celebrate Jessica joining club 30. We had great food and great conversation. It was so good to just walk and sit and talk, uninterrupted by our little people.


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Week 6 | February 7 - February 13

Papa, Grana and Nanny were here right after church. We fed boys, put Pierce to bed and made lunch for ourselves before an afternoon of playing outside. Today was gorgeous. I stayed in to get a workout in (loved the preview of 22 Minute Hard Corps) and

I heard the cry through the open window as I was finishing up. I knew before I saw him that he was hurt. Glancing through the bedroom window, I saw Daniel carrying my big boy baby across the park. I met him at the side walk, Parker's face covered in blood. He is every bit my child when hurt or sick...screaming, crying, drama. It's so hard not to laugh. Because I know. We just can't keep all the feelings in.

Turns out he took a big spill on his bike and landed on his face. Once we took his helmet off and got his bloody mouth rinsed, I was able to check his teeth and see that he just has a few scrapes and skins and a BIG FAT lip. This boy has always loved watching himself cry in the mirror. After he calmed down he saw himself in the mirror and laugh-cried.
Selfie from the teary eyed man and snuggles in mama's bed and some paw patrol and he is much much better.
I hate when my baby isn't 100% but I love a chance to cuddle up close. Little brother was so so sweet and snuggled up close, kissing Parker's head and stroking his hair to make him feel better. I melted.
A very appropriate Sunday photo. No smiles today!
Nanny & Papa set off for a trip across Texas to visit all our cousins. Quick pic before they go! So glad for our visit. And Pierce is driving cars all over my wall. That boy.
Spotty dog! Our fave.
Monday night milestone: Pierce ate at the bar tonight! I can't wait for him to continue to grow more confident sitting here. I love having my kiddos across the island from me.

It's a small thing but I love it -- brothers at the bar. 😍 And also, all I do in this season of life is feed people. Especially the little brother. I've never met a hungrier person. They wear me out but I'm taking a few minutes a day to exhale slowly and feel oh so grateful. 

Night time prayers with our Spotty and Pierce needed to say "cheeeeese, potty dog" while we took his photo. Also, Bully. She spends her days napping and sometimes I'm really just jealous of her sweet life. 
Bed time prayers. It makes my heart nearly jump out of my chest to see him talk to God out loud. So thankful for his relationship with Jesus.

My Pierce is sooooo into books right now. Light morning read: Star Wars Find It. Ha! 
This guy skipped a nap today and played with play dough. He made me a heart and proudly carried it to me to show me. Oh buddy, you have mama's whole heart. Always have. Thank you for showing me your love in the simplest of ways.

Each morning I go into Pierce's room alone, the first words out of his mouth are "My Parker? My daddy? See Parker Mommy." I'm certainly "chopped liver" but it's okay...this dude really loves his brother and wants to be near him all the time. One hug and kiss and done -- no more. 


Pierce wanted something. I said no. He fussed and gave a pouty look and of course Parker handed it to him. 


Parker got all three clicks on his own today. Maybe some day I'll have less people to buckle and can just do quick checks.Off we go into school...all signs of baby are vanishing from my little boy. 

Class party with my Parker. I LOVE getting to be a part of the special events his preschool invites us to. 
My loves:
Pierce Daniel -- this is NOT ok. Stop climbing on everything. I need to be able to walk away from you and know you aren't going to break your self. 
Ohhhhh, mornings at home. They are few so we soak them up! 
Cutest cookies ever from Bessie Bakes. I shouldn't have eaten them but oh my they are SO GOOD. 
It's always a proud moment when you get to carry Daddy's gun to the safe for him. 
Watching Pierce, I can't help but wonder HOW he's so big. He does at (not quite) 2 what Parker did at 3. And Parker was a big boy too! Goodness, everyone is growing up so fast in this house. 
I'm super proud and impressed by their skills. 
My whole heart. All 5 are t-r-o-u-b-l-e! 
Chocolate cake and motorcycle rides before bedtime!
Needing something else for the boys to do, Daniel made them a rock yard! It was a fave in San Antonio and occupied Parker for great lengths of time. Hopefully they love this one too!
Dinner with friends and the kids put on a little show for us! 

Another week of sweet Pierce sleep!