Saturday, March 29, 2014

2014: Week 13 | March 23rd - March 29th.

SUNDAY: 23rd - The brothers snuggled in my bed this morning and after lounging around a bit, I got dressed to head to Target to search for something to wear for tomorrow's photo session. Baba stayed home with Pierce while Daniel and Parker went with me. Parker and I enjoyed a blueberry muffin and mocha frap. I then tried on a few things, selected our necessary grocery items and we were back home within an hour. It was nice to get out of the house even if just for a little bit. All of us took much needed naps and enjoyed the afternoon at home together. Sadly, our Daddy returns to work tomorrow after we have photos taken with Sara. We will miss him oh so stinking much. Daniel has been a great source of strength and support for me and has been so helpful entertaining Parker and helping around the house too.

MONDAY: 24th - We actually had to set an alarm this morning and get dressed and ready for our first family-of-four photo session with photographer Sara K Blanco. When she arrived I was still in a robe, but was able to quickly dress and join my boys upstairs for pictures. Everyone did really well and I think we looked super cute and coordinated. A few separate times Parker needed a break or had to be bribed with gummy bears but what else is new? If it's not what he wants to do, it's very difficult to get him to agree. Pierce was awake for most of his individual newborn photos so I'm not sure I got the sleepy naked newborn look I love, but I know I'll treasure every single thing we get back from Sara. She's already posted a sneak peek and I adore it! Daddy Daniel left us around 11 to head to the San Antonio office. It's the first time we've been without in over a week and I know we'll miss him all day. Baba, Maegan and I took the boys to McDonald's for lunch since that's where Parker wanted to go. Then we headed to the pediatrician's office to check Pierce's weight and have the doctor confirm that he does not need another Biliruben test done. As we suspected, Pierce is doing just fine and is gaining weight at rapid speed. I'm so glad that he's healthy and needs no other follow ups.

TUESDAY: 25th - Pierce and I were up with Daddy this morning. I knew that I'd need to hustle to get Parker to school, even with Baba's help. Pierce was super sweet and slept in the car and we made it just a few minutes after nine. Lots of other parents and kiddos were walking in with us today. Perhaps the trike-a-thon and having to load bikes, trikes and scooters delayed everyone. Parker asked to take his brother in and show him to his teachers and friends so we hauled Pierce in in his car seat. He slept the entire time, not even knowing where he was. Baba and I headed home. I nursed the baby and she took him from me, letting me sleep unattached and able to stretch out and relax. We ate lunch, I nursed again and she took Pierce from me again while I lay flat and watched a tv show. It felt so good to relax. All of us headed to school to watch Parker in his first "soccer practice". Watching twelve 3-5 year olds run around trying to score a goal, defend a goal and not be off task was quite chaotic. We had to tell Parker several times to go after the ball. I think he had a great time and I love that he's able to attend a special sports related class and burn off energy once a week. Since today is Baba's 75th birthday, I wanted to acknowledge it somehow. We'd given her a Lowe's gift card this morning, but she deserves something a little more special. I'd decided to take everyone to Bird Bakery and let them choose a special dessert to enjoy. It was nice to sit in such a sweet atmosphere and enjoy yummy treats. On our way home, we swung by Target for a few dinner items. I ended up having to nurse Pierce in the car! Poor man just couldn't make it any longer. I see this happening many more times in our future. For dinner we had frozen pizza and a coke and made plans to celebrate Baba's birthday with a fancier dinner when she returns in April. I'm more than lucky and oh so blessed to have a Baba who loves us the way she does. She doesn't think twice when asked to spend an extended amount of time with us. Not many people would put their life on hold for me like she does. I treasure her friendship and love every chance we have to spend time together.

WEDNESDAY: 26th - We had absolutely no plans today. I'd originally thought about taking Parker to story time, just the two of us. However the weather was yucky and we easily settled into having a jammie day. It was so nice not to have anywhere to be today. I felt more rested being able to live in my bed and have both boys come and go for either snuggles or nursing. Maegan spent the day cleaning my house before she leaves tomorrow. I am so appreciative of what a hard worker she is and that she likes to do this for me.

THURSDAY: 27th - Pierce seemed to nurse frequently and loudly last night. We were up again when Daddy got ready for work. As he fell asleep, I slipped out from underneath him and got myself as ready as possible. It's really time to stop wearing "workout" clothes and start dressing more like my normal self. Oh if only I had clothes that fit my bottom or weather that would cooperate. It's spring time for goodness sakes, but in the 50's and sprinkling today and will warm up to the 80's this afternoon. So workout clothes it is. Baba and Maegan must have been up long before me because their bags were packed and the laundry was already on when I saw them. I made Parker's lunch and then went to wake him. He wasn't as cooperative as I would have liked this morning and we needed a few extra minutes for goodbye hugs. I tried to hold myself together as best as possible, but when Baba wrapped her arms tightly around me and told me she'd come back (tomorrow if I need her to), I lost it. I can't properly express my gratitude for all she has done for me the past 12 days. I haven't fed my dogs, cooked a meal, washed clothes, loaded the dishwasher or even bounced a crying baby. At all. Baba and Maegan had it covered. I know it'll be many more weeks before I can do the work of three people around here. I just pray we survive in the meantime. Due to the light drizzle, it took us an extra long time to get to school this morning and we were over 40 minutes late. Parker's class was glad to see him but he was reluctant to join the group. I need to be on my game about dropping him off with everyone else so that it's easier for us to walk away from one another. He teared up and it really broke my heart. At random, he's having a tough time adjusting to sharing his mama and daddy and can be quite clingy. Thankfully, he takes none of it out on his brother and continues to show him nothing but sweet brotherly affection (usually in the form of too tight a squeeze or kisses all over). Pierce and I napped, nursed and then jumped in the car to pick up Parker. I took Pierce in with me this afternoon so a few mama friends could see him. As I was walking down to a car, I fell while holding the baby. It startled me and skinned up my knee but Pierce slept through the entire thing. Parker and I were dressed too warmly which made us hot so we pulled into Sonic for an after school slush. Sarah and Nick met us at the house and played on the back porch with Parker while I fed Pierce. After all these weeks apart, it was so nice to finally see our friends again and have them meet our new man.  The dinner they brought was delicious and we hope we're able to hang out longer next time we see one another.

FRIDAY: 28th - Pierce was loud again last night. He kicks and grunts and roots around when his tummy hurts and he needs to potty. After trying to nurse his hiccups away several times, I finally just put him on my chest to sleep for a few hours. Sitting upright on someone's chest is one of his favorite places to be. Parker let us sleep in until about 7:45 and we piled into my bed for a few episodes of Daniel Tiger while little brother continued to snooze. Our morning was spent on the couch snuggling, watching movies, building forts and fixing snacks while I try to catch up on my blog before the events of Mr Pierce's birth are a distant memory.

SATURDAY: 29th - Yay! A day with Daddy. We spent time together at home and then headed to Lowe's for some plants to spruce up the yard. I'm finally feeling better and want to do a few things around the house that I'd normally take care of. It's a ton of effort for me to complete an actual task such as planting flowers but I'm slowly getting back to my normal self.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

2014: Week 12 | March 16th - March 22nd.

SUNDAY: 16th - Knowing it was my last day without a newborn, I stayed in bed as long as I could possibly stand it. In fact, I was lazy all day. Mom, Baba and Maegan worked around the house and occupied Parker, allowing me to have some quiet/alone time. It was wonderful. Mid afternoon, I heard Mom answer the phone and instantly knew that something was wrong. On her way through Austin, Hannah rear ended someone in stop and go traffic. She was pretty sure that her car wasn't drivable so Daniel and Mom loaded up and went off to get her. Thankfully everyone involved was ok and her car wasn't quite as bad as we'd imagined. Bekah and Daddy, Mom, Daniel and Hannah all made it back in time for dinner. Brandi even got here in time to visit a little bit before I had to leave for the hospital. I had spent the afternoon packing and was ready to go but needed a few minutes alone with Parker. Leaving him and knowing I was coming home with another baby was just super emotional for me.
Our last moment at home as a family of three:

MONDAY: 17th - Happy Birthday Pierce Daniel...he gets his own special blog post. :)

TUESDAY: 18th - We were so worn out from the events of Pierce's birth that I just couldn't get up and down more than necessary so sometime in the night, I grabbed my freshly born boy and put him in bed with me. I slept hard and awakened only a few times in the night to nurse or go potty/change diapers. Oh how I have forgotten how incredible it feels to hold a newly born baby on my chest and just breathe him in. There's nothing in the whole wide world that compares. Despite the delivery, my pain level wasn't too terrible, but I did feel like the drugs were wearing off before I could take my next dose. More than anything the swelling made moving around more difficult than it was after Parker's birth. Before we knew it, morning rounds were upon us so lights were flipped on and resident Dr. Taylor, my OB Dr. Perez, pediatrician Dr. Arizona and nurses Jennifer and Erika stopped by to take vitals for both me and Pierce, look at my sutures and chat about our delivery and the recovery that could be expected. I expressed that I even though I was hurting, I very much would like to be discharged today. The interrupted sleep in a hospital is one of a kind. Cookie, Chief, Hannah, Bekah and Berto stopped by to say good morning, pass Pierce around and collect their share of kisses before heading back to Navasota and Longview. Baba took Parker to school where he shared the news of becoming a big brother. And then it was just the three of us. Daniel and I spent the day taking naps and passing Pierce back and forth, knowing that things will be much different once we're at home. We waited several hours for Pierce to be circumcised and then several more hours for all of our discharge paperwork to go through. After his "school day" our sweet Parker dropped by to see us and love on his baby brother. Watching Parker hold Pierce melted my heart and every bit of apprehension about becoming a mom to two melted away as well. I won't be naive. I know that we will struggle through our adjustment period, but I'm so happy to see the love all three of my boys have for one another. I'm a lucky lady! Our sweet nurse, Erika came to sit down with us and go through a few details before we left the hospital. We learned three interesting facts: 1) Just a little more than 24 hours after Pierce's delivery, the OB staff would sit down to a "class" discussing emergency vaginal deliveries. We were the patient/case discussed. 2) Our OB resident just may decide to become an obstetrician after being a part of our delivery/Pierce's birthday. 3) We were just a few pushes and minutes away from being wheeled next door to the OR (the room was already prepped for us). If I hadn't been able to get Pierce to the point where forceps could be used, we'd have been in surgery. Though I'd never risk my own life or the life of my child, I'm so thankful for God's provision in a surgery-less delivery. By 7:30 pm, we had our boy in the car and were on our way home. Woohoo! So looking forward to sleeping in my bed tonight!

WEDNESDAY: 19th - Our first night at home with Parker was absolutely horrible, probably more because of Honey but still - we slept terribly and will never forget the craze of that night. I had no expectations for our first night at home with Pierce and it went exceptionally well. I made the executive decision to put Pierce in bed with us and just nurse lying down and we all slept better than I could have imagined. I'm so thankful not to feel like a complete zombie my first day at home.
03.19.14 -3
03.19.14 -2

THURSDAY: 20th- My boys snuggled up together this morning before Parker went to school. They were oh so adorable. Daniel and I took Pierce to the pediatrician today for weight and Biliruben level check. Pierce checked out but I was told that if my milk didn't come in by tomorrow I'd have to start supplementing with formula. There's some concern for his jaundice, the fact that he is making it all night without a wet diaper and his weight has dropped to albs 14oz.  The results of his Biliruben were rushed and his levels came back at an 11 so we will not have to return to the doctor until Monday. Thankfully my milk seems to be coming in so hopefully Pierce will continue to nurse well and we will see improvement in his weight and levels. Parker came home from school and was so funny. We were able to sit outside and watch him play and I realized TODAY is my due date. I'm so thankful that my boy is already here for me to love and kiss on. Though I have MUCH healing to do, I'm far more comfortable than I was this time last week.

FRIDAY: 21st - This morning we weren't as lazy as we have been. We got up and headed to the Wildlife Ranch for a little outing. I thought it would be something fun that we could all do together that wouldn't require me to walk much. We had a really great time and especially liked seeing the new section that just opened. Parker absolutely loves visiting the ranch. The last two trips he's gone alone with Daniel so he surprised me today by being able to identify a few of the deer without asking their names. Very smart! I'm sure I overdid it by making such a trip today but it felt nice (and normal) to get out of the house. Pierce man did great and really didn't even know he'd left home.

SATURDAY: 22nd - We spent the day at home, relaxing and loving on our sweet baby. I can't get enough of his sweet snuggles and absolutely love staring at his precious face.