Saturday, February 27, 2016

Week 8 | February 21- February 27

Parker grabbed my phone and said "Look mom! I already took my Sunday picture!! ". Good try buddy. While little brother napped, Parker watched a show while we watched a show. I love how he holds his own face like this. It's so sweet.
february2016shalley_0160Almost let the day get away from me and then remembered - 

When your big boy talks and then cries for just a second in his sleep, you go curl up next to him and wonder how on earth his legs reach all the way down to your mama shins. I whispered a few prayers and slipped away. 

Morning, brother. All this before coffee. I do love when they show their love for one another though. 
We walked into Target and I was flooded with dejavu. I did this exact same thing with Parker at this age. february2016shalley_0164
Cookie was at a Rattler playoff game just down the road from our house so of course we had to surprise her and say hi. 
Simply because I never get my photo taken with my boys. 
"I'm jumping Mom."
Big boy snuggles and squeezes are so rare that I feel the need to document them. 
Today was our last parent/child Wednesday class. One more and mommy graduates out of the water. I thought I'd really dread these lessons but they've been something I was able to do with Pierce that I never did with Parker. It's been fun to experience together. And I'll miss it just a little.
All I wanted was a quiet moment. A kid free, no noise workout. Workout date crashed! I even asked him to just.stop.talking. for a little bit.

"Brrrrr, it's told" little brother said. So they snuggled at the bar. 


Sometimes we do look a little alike. Preschool Mommy date night. Dinner first. It's been way too long since I had a one on one with this kid.


He chose Willie's -- Dr Pepper, queso and games. Sometimes this kid gets to choose his own dinner. I was jealous. Had a couple of bites but sat with Shakeology in hand.


I'll never love anyone the way I love my biggest boy.

I always love hearing what my children have to say about me. It's a humbling truth check. Parker was a little silly with this (he knows my exact age) but what strikes me most is how well he really KNOWS me and my heart. He pays attention and takes interest and asks 1 jillion questions. But he knows me. And the fact that I love strawberry Shakeology. Bedtime is our talk time. I love him because I put him to bed too. 

Rock a bye baby-ing and singing chapel songs is something they CAN do together. 
And it's over. Too tight. 
We are doing a great job at sitting on the potty. He's highly motivated by gummy bears. 
We sometimes need a few extra moments of quiet on a Saturday morning. 
When his brother isn't around, Pierce loves to play with things that Parker doesn't love to share. 

One of my favorite spots in this house -- and this boy is throwing a fit because he dropped a toy in the toilet after his brother pooped and was asked to leave the bathroom. 

And another fit over the fact that Cookie hung up from FaceTime. 
Date night with friends to cheer on the Rockets! 


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