Saturday, April 26, 2014

Week 17 | April 20th - April 26th.

Sunday- 20th: We slept in a little this morning, snuggled with family members before they left and watched the boys dig into their Easter goodies. The dads hid eggs and all the neighborhood kiddos hunted together in the mist. After such a busy weekend, it was nice to send everyone on their way and rest - just the four of us. I was a little sad to see everyone's Facebook photos of their families all dressed up for Easter. I felt a little guilty that this was Pierce's first holiday and we weren't making much of a big deal out of it. This mama threw on her hat and walked outside to watch my big boy play. We took a family photo, pj's and all.

When I handed Pierce to Parker, Pierce turned toward his brother and Parker exclaimed "Mama, Pierce is trying to nurse me!!".

Monday -21st:  The boys and I had a very relaxing day. Sarabeth and Colt came over from Jake and Hayley's and we played until dinner and bedtime. Parker did manage to sneak out of the house to see Emma and Ellie and they all three enjoyed a sno cone on our front porch. Exciting news: we found out that the Calks are having a baby boy! Congrats to our dear friends. We cannot wait to meet little Noah...he has built in buddies already.

Tuesday- 22nd: Parker went to school as usual today. Sarabeth and the littler boys and I relaxed, caught up and then went to Target for dinner items. Pierce loved snuggling in the moby wrap.

Wednesday - 23rd:  Today, we headed to the zoo. It was warm out and way more crowded than we anticipated. It seems that there are tons of end of the year field trips from all over the place, even as far away as Flatonia. Craziness! We walked but all the animals from the front of the zoo to the hippos. I stopped to nurse in the AC and then we determined that it'd be best to head over to the carousel and go grab some lunch. I got some alone time with Parker this afternoon and it was good for my heart to be one on one with my big boy. Jake, Hayley and Tate all came over for dinner tonight and we laughed as we attempted to take a photo of all four of our wild boys. Cousin time is so fun, no matter how chaotic it is in the moment.

Thursday - 24th: We hurried to school this morning and after dropping Parker off I ran a few errands with Pierce. Parker needed cookies for his Fiesta party so we zoomed through Sam's before heading up to Carter's to make a few exchanges. Pierce man is growing so fast that I have to return 3mo clothing before he turns 6wks old. Somehow my baby woke in the night and nursed for 5mins on one side, slept and woke hours later to nurse just 3mins on the other side then got in bed with me and didn't nurse at all! This is a first. By 9:30 this morning he was ready to make up for all the sleeping so we nursed in the parking lot while waiting for the store to open. 30mins of eating landed us an outfit change. I had to laugh. I only had 8 whipes so I had to use every inch of them to clean him up. Inside the store I bumped into my lactation consultant, Kristen! Crazy world... the hospital is on the opposite side of town! It was fun to chat with her and show her my chunky boy. I met Sarabeth and Colt for a walk through Target. Poor Colty's teeth were bothering him so he wasn't his usual happy self. Before we left we found him a toothbrush to chew on and that made a big difference in his mood. We all headed over to ELC to watch Tate and Parker in their Fiesta parade. It was pretty comedic to watch all the little kids drag their floats across the gym. We ate a little lunch and then headed home for naps. Unfortunately, my boys fell asleep in the car so naps at home were a complete no go. Instead, we all hung out in Pierce's room and I organized the clothes he's already grown out of.

Friday - 25th: I'm almost ready to get back to working out and eating well. My plan is to take it easy, not overdoing it so the boys and I strolled to the park/playground this morning. Some neighbor friends joined us so ended up staying longer than I thought we would. Parker loved getting out of the house and seeing friends. After nap, we ventured out for dinner with a couple of our favorites, Nick and Sarah. It was so wonderful to get dressed up a bit and have a normal family date night. Before we know it, we'll be doing it with three little men. 

Saturday - 26th: Pierce seemed really uncomfortable the last several hours of the night and even when I put him in bed with me he couldn't settle down so we spent the last two hours of the morning with him on my chest. A little later I fed him and he spit up some old milk...then within twenty minutes threw up everything. We gave him a bath and rubbed a little RC on his chest since he sounds so yucky and he slept for about two more hours. Daniel and Parker walked/rode the four wheeler up to the park and played for awhile before taking off for haircuts. They also ordered a new fridge for the garage since our little one just quit working. The boys napped while I addressed envelopes for Pierce's birth announcement and did some laundry. Overall, we had a very relaxing and uneventful day at home. It's been quite awhile since it's been "just us". I miss the help and company from others but loved having a taste of "real life" again.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Parker Wilson | THREE | A Cowboy Birthday Bonanza

We've had a busy year since your last birthday. It's been such a whirlwind that I can barely wrap my head around it all. Mommy hasn't been good about journaling our life and I'm sad that I haven't stayed on top of writing love letters to you. Though my words have been few this last year, I pray that my actions have shown you how much I adore you. We have filled every single day with love, fun, laughter and tears my boy. I will always remember this super sweet time that it was "just us". It has been thrilling to watch you grow so big from 2-3. You are smart beyond your age and amaze and shock us at the things you know. You bring so much life to this home. You're loud and silly and gross and have a fantastic imagination. We pretend to hunt all the time. You love to shoot things and talk about blood and poop. You play lots of basketball and football, especially with your Daddy. Lately you love all things cowboy, rodeo and four wheelers. You pile pillows up and attach blankets so that you have a truck and trailer. It's really too much for my mama mind to comprehend but I love your stories and explanations of all that you create. Sometimes you tell us wild tales: you have a boss named Mr. Rick who isn't Rylee's Dad that drinks lots of beer. All I can do is laugh, sweet boy. I thank you for bringing funniness to our lives.

Eating - You are quite picky and getting you to try new foods is a struggle. There have been several throw downs in our home to get you to put something that's on your plate in your mouth. I don't like that you aren't eating exactly what Mom and Dad are eating. You seem to like the same foods over and over. My challenge is to help you become a better eater this year, willing to branch outside your chicken nuggets and pizza bite routine. I will say you LOVE your chocolate Shakeology and I'm thankful. At least you're getting fruits and veggies masked in the shake.

Sleeping - It makes me crack a smile to write about your sleeping. For so long, I've had nothing new to note. You did great in your crib and then we moved you to your big boy room at the new year. And now, you're big. And three. And way too smart. You are taking longer to fall asleep for naps and bedtime. You love to get in bed at night and then holler that you need something (milk, potty, oranges, one more hug or kiss or song). You have mastered the art of stalling, dear boy. Sometimes you sing or talk yourself to sleep and your Daddy and I love to turn up the monitor and listen in on you. Your little singing voice is just so so sweet. Your naps have been super all year. When we're home you nap anywhere from 2-4 hours. I love this! This helped me so much when I was pregnant as we were both able to get great rest. A few times, just recently, I've caught you playing in your room and have had to go in and make you lay down. I'm hoping that you continue to be a great napper all the way to kindergarten.

Measurements - You have gained 5.5 pounds this year and now weigh 34lbs 12oz. You've grown over 6 inches! This blows my mind. You're 3ft 4in now and are really close to having to be turned around in your car seat.

Things You Do - talk loudly (all day long), go potty all by yourself, wash your hands by yourself, can take clothes off and sometimes dress yourself -- this can be entertaining as some items are on backward or you get an arm caught in your shirt, choose Mater undies over all the others -- your underwear drawer is a wreck!, go to the pantry and get a snack for yourself when you're hungry, bring me man yogurt and scissors when you want that, love to sing and play your tummy air guitar (i think you've graduated from saying "gunitar". sad! that word was adorable), ask to go outside or just let yourself outside to play in the backyard,

You Like - John Deere green and Rattler blue, cowboys, hats and boots, watching tv on my iPad, watching movies

This Happened -
05.28.13 took you to the museum to look at dinosaurs and you screamed bloody murder in fear
05.29.13 while Sarabeth was pumping you said "hot dog in there" (referring to her nipples). we DIED laughing at how funny and accurate you were
06.12.13 you spent your first night in the blow up boat bed at cookie's - no more pack n play
06.13.13 mom and dad left you at cookie and chief's while we vacationed in seattle and vancouver
06.20.13 mama went to vegas for beachbody's coach summit and you stayed at cookie's
07.06.13 we found out you're going to be a big brother!!
08.02.13 we met Burke and Blake and their mama and daddy on the river walk
08.12.13 first busted lip - you opened a drawer too fast and it hit you in the face
08.13.13 you saw a picture of your little baby
08.14.13 started potty training
08.17.13 we took you to see your first movie - Planes
08.18.13 you learned about jonah the whale in Sunday school and told Ms. Julie that mommy has a baby in her tummy. i guess all the talk of jonah being swallowed by the whale made you think of your baby
08.21.13 you were accident free! no pee pee in diaper or pull up
09.03.13 went potty at school today!
09.27.13 celebrated Colt's first bday
10.15.13 wore big boy undies to school today and stayed dry all day!
10.18.13 stayed the weekend at your house with Papa and Grana while Mom and Dad went to Lost Pines in Bastrop
10.25.13 visited A&M's campus for the first time and acted terribly!
10.28.13 we found out you're having a baby brother!
11.03.13 fell while riding piggy back on Hannah. she busted her lip open and had to go to the ER to have her lip glued back together
11.16.13 had your first babysitter that we didn't know ahead of time. you did great!
11.20.13 visited SB and Colt in Ft Worth and went to a special Curious George exhibit at the children's museum
11.28.13 visited Santa's wonderland and loved it!
01.01.14 spent your first weekend away at Cookie and Chief's. mama was sick with a stomach virus and needed some time to recover
01.05.14 napped in your big boy bed today
01.18.14 pee peed outside all by yourself today. you didn't tell us until you came in and asked for an m&m
01.24.14 spent your first weekend at home alone with Daddy while Mommy went to Fredericksburg with girlfriends
01.29.14 went poo poo by yourself
02.06.14 it snowed in SA and you were able to see/touch/play in it for the first time in your life
03.03.14 tried both pork and orzo at dinner
03.04.14 tried tomato soup with your grilled cheese
03.04.13 fell asleep without paci. mama made up a story that the cleaning lady's saw your big boy bed and room and thought you were too big for a paci so they threw it away. you were a little sad but slept all night without paci.
03.05.14 first nap at home with no paci
03.17.14 you became a BIG BROTHER to our precious Pierce
04.13.14 went out front alone to water the grass

Mama Loves -
the way you say: trying for crying, yightening and funder, yeg and yeppard, lawn mamaering
10.05.13 you're such a big helper to me lately. i asked you to grab my tennis shoes for me. you brought them to me and as i sat on the edge of the tub to put them on you looked at me, grinned and said "you're pretty"
02.02.14 you looked at me and said "mama, you look like you got a ball in there, but it's just baby Pierce"
02.05.14 you told me you're cozy as a bug (meaning snug as a bug). i loved this phrase
02.20.14 i grabbed you and hugged you tightly and told you "i love the moments it's just us". you looked up, grabbed my belly and said "but mama we're having more babies". i definitely choked up.
03.17.14 when you came to see me in the hospital you asked me "mama, do you have your big girl panties on?".
the way you line up every single truck and tractor you own: either single file or parking lot style
seeing you love on your little brother. you ask to hold him and kiss him all the time. when he first wakes up in the morning you want to spend some time snuggling him. it's super sweet.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Week 16 | April 13th - April 19th.

Sunday - 13th: We snuggled in bed before Bekah had to leave us. It was really good to have her here for the weekend. We spent the rest of the day at home. The boys shared some really sweet moments together. I just love that Pierce has Parker to look up to. It's my prayer that he always treats his brother with respect and admiration and that Parker be deserving of his "super hero" status as the big brother. I know all to well what a weight and responsibility it is to be the oldest. At bedtime, I crammed Pierce into these pj's that Parker and I chose for him before he was born. Since Parker lovingly helped pick them out, I had to have a picture of Pierce in them. At three weeks he's completely out of newborn clothing and has moved on to 0-3 months and 3 months. I need my baby to slow down! He's growing at rapid pace.

Monday - 14th: Baba kept Pierce for me so that Parker and I could enjoy MOPS all to ourselves. It was nice to see friends and eat yummy food without having to balance holding a baby. Of course everyone was shocked to see me there without my new man. Next time he'll be in attendance.

Tuesday - 15th: Baba kept Pierce again this morning and I dropped Parker off at school just the two of us. One on one time is super special these days as much of my attention is spent on Pierce and keeping him happy and fed. I ran a few errands since I had the freedom to and then headed to the hospital to get some paperwork signed for Daniel. Believe it or not, I ran into all of my favorite nurses: Kris, Erika and Kristen. They all hugged my neck and praised me on Pierce's cuteness level. I had a good time visiting with them, even if quickly. Baba and I picked Parker up from soccer and then ran over to SAMS to get a few items for the party this weekend. We still have much to do to prepare.

Wednesday - 16th: Baba and I worked on cutting out all the signage for Parker's party. Feeling cooped up, we ran errands and ate lunch at CFA. We're in full party planning mode so not many photos. Daddy is home! Parker is so excited to finally see Daniel. This is the longest we've ever been away from him while we've stayed at home. It's been such a long week for my biggest boy. He does not do well without Daddy for so many days on end.
It took Daddy leaving for me to get Pierce to sleep in his own "bed". He's doing so well! I scoop him up, we nurse and he lets me put him back down after the first and second feeding. This means I'm sleeping much much better and feeling more human. Yay Pierce! Thank you sweet boy. 

Thursday - 17th: Knowing he'd be celebrated at school today, Daniel and I both took Parker to school. We sat through chapel and watched him sing songs and then go up on stage so that everyone could sing happy birthday to him. He literally beamed with pride as he sat next to Ms Millie. Tears streamed down my face. I'm so proud of him and the little big boy he is. He's a stinker most days but I love him so fiercely and can't imagine life without him. The rest of our morning was spent on a "date" as just Daniel and I ran errands to pick up last minute items for the party. It's good to have my husband home and share a few hours alone with him, even if it is just grocery shopping! This afternoon Shannion, Bekah and Berto all arrived. We're excited to have family here to celebrate our big boy turning 3. Also, happy one month to my precious Pierce. We love you so much little brother and already can't imagine life without our two boys. 

Friday -18th:  Parker woke up ready for Berto's bounce house. Berto and Daniel set it up and went outside to play while we started decorating inside. We shared CFA breakfast around the island and hung signs until Chief, Cookie and Hannah arrived. The house is full but it's fun. Parker is old enough to know that we are celebrating HIM and he's super excited about it. We made a huge pot of spaghetti and Papa, Grana, Tate, Sarabeth, Justin and Colt came over to share dinner with us.
Last breakfast as a two year old!
Putting our two year old to bed...waking up THREE. We love you so much big brother man.

Saturday - 19th: Parker's Cowboy Birthday! A separate blog post. LOVED celebrating my sweet three year old boy.