Monday, February 20, 2012

Ear Tag {Surgery}.

 Parker was born with an ear tag. It doesn't hurt him; he has no idea it's even there. Honestly, when I first saw it I was bothered by it and asked the hospital pedi to remove it. He refused and advised that I wait. Ugh. Great. The pedi in Cypress recommended that we wait until six months. The pedi here in SA referred me to an ENT. The ENT checked Parker out and we booked him for surgery. Wait, surgery?! As in...anesthesia? It seems that's the most effective way to safely cut things off a baby. I have wrestled with the idea of leaving his ear tag alone. It doesn't bother me nearly as much as the thought of putting my baby under. But I know I'll always have concerns so we are saying prayers and going ahead with it! 
february12 -_018
Before photo.

Surgery day: Wow, what an early morning. 4:30am alarm! I pumped, Dan and I got dressed, fixed coffee, took care of dogs and then woke our man up and hopped in the car. I was nervous to wake him without offering a bottle but he did surprisingly well and was even in a good mood on our 30 minute drive to the hospital. We checked in and waited. They took us back, asked a ton of questions, took vitals and we waited FOREVER. It's really hard to keep a baby happy on a hospital bed. Thankfully we were allowed to walk around just a little and that seemed to help pass the time. The first baby went back within 20 minutes a nurse was coming for Parker. He willingly let her take him from me and we were sent to the waiting room. I whispered a prayer {though I felt super confident all would be fine} and before we knew it, his doctor was telling me all about the procedure. We had to tough out a few more minutes while they brought Parker out of his sleep and then they led us back to him. He did fuss once we sat. After making sure he wasn't going to get sick, I was allowed to feed him applesauce and give him a bottle {only because it was breast milk - yay me!}. Parker handled the entire procedure so well and his daddy and I are super proud. Once we got home, the three of us crashed for a few hours and then spent the day in our jammies. I'm super thankful for how easy this was and can't wait to see his ear all healed.
february12 -_019
After photo.
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